Exercise Physiology Consultations

Exercise physiology utilises exercise to manage a broad range of health conditions. I take a more holistic approach to body imbalance and/or injury resulting in pain or discomfort and specialize in musculoskeletal and neurological/neuromuscular rehabilitation.

Exercise and lifestyle programs can be utilised to manage chronic pain and dysfunction and are often the most effective way of managing your pain.

Dry Needling and Trigger Point Release

Dry Needling is an effective method of pain relief and may be used in your treatment. It is particularly helpful for tightness, muscular discomfort and spasming. Shoulder, hip or knee pain, sciatica, and even headaches can be caused by muscle tension or imbalance. Treating the trigger points in the muscles manually or with needling can provide great relief from pain and discomfort.

Initial Assessment (60-75 mins) – $120 
Initial Assessment (60-75 mins) with a 20 minute follow up consultation by phone, skype or zoom,
within a week of your assessment – $150

Further Consultations
30 mins – $60
45 mins – $80
60 mins – $100

After the initial assessment, 20-30 minute Skype/Zoom follow up consultations are available, if required …
particularly helpful for rural clients … $50 per session

Meet Our Exercise Physiologist


As an Exercise Physiologist, I am available for consultations by appointment. I incorporate dry needling and trigger point therapy into my exercise physiology sessions, were required.

If you are experiencing any type of body pain, chronic pain, or asymmetrical imbalance, I can provide insight into what’s happening in your body, and utilise a combination of manual therapy and exercise to assist in body balance and alleviation of pain.

Having experienced chronic pain myself for a number of years, I am acutely aware of how this can subtly affect ones entire being. Knowledge gives us the opportunity to make small changes, that can be the difference between a body experiencing constant, little, or no pain. 

If you’re at that point in your life where you’re open to learning about how your body operates, and you want to take control of your body’s imbalances, then let’s work together to create a positive difference in the management of your body.